Australian animal children's stories

Tegan’s Story

The Swamp Gum Students Throw A Christmas Party

“Schools nearly over, what a relief!,” Gloria squawked as she preened her feathers.

“What’s good about that?” said her curious brother Gareth

“As if you didn’t know,” Gloria screeched in annoyance. “We’re having a Christmas Party, Break brain!”

Next Morning: “Gloria, time for schoo –ool,” sang her mother.

“Morning,” Gloria said pleasantly (which was a huge surprise for her mother and her little brother)

Knock Knock

“They got a huge surprise,’ Gloria told Wally wombat on the way to school.

“Why were you up so early?” Wally pushed his red rimmed glasses up his nose.

“I don’t want to be late for presents!”

Wally sighed, “It’s not about the presents Gloria.”

“Oh, well,’ she screeched.

After the Party: “Why didn’t I get a present?” squawked Gloria through tears.

“I told you. It’s not about parties and presents. You should of thought more about your friends,” he said wisely.


Tegan Year 5