Australian animal children's stories

Blake’s Story

Puff Puff! Gloria Galah was powdering her face to make herself even more perfect, if possible.

“Kakaw, kakaw”, squawked Gloria, “I wonder how many animals will give me presents today? 100? 200? I bet the whole school will want to give me presents!”

I was time for the secret Santa at Mr. Bilby’s classroom, and Gloria had only gotten one present, just like everyone else. This made Gloria very angry, for she was more important and deserved at least 20 presents!

Gloria tried to cope, but eventually she cracked and said, “Why don’t I get more presents?! I’m more important, so I should get more!”

After this outbreak, Wally the wise wombat invited Gloria into the other room. When Gloria got to the other room she squawked, “What is it Wally?”

Wally’s only reply was, ‘Presents and parties are fun, but we need to think about others.”

The next day, at Swamp Gum School, Gloria Galah came with a bit pile of presents which made everyone happy, and proved that Gloria had changed, and was never greedy again.


Blake – Yr 7