Australian animal children's stories

Asiya’s Story

Swamp Gum Christmas Story

Ding Ding Ding went the bell for school.

Gloria was the first one out, “Yee hoo!” she shouted as she twirled around in a circle.

“Out of school, and Christmas is nearly here!”

“Gloria, just remember you have to get other people stuff too”.

“Get, get! No one tells me I have to get people stuff!! I get the stuff!”

“Well at least make a Christmas Pudding.”

“No way – you’re dreaming!” “I get, you give!” Gloria said as she flew home.

Wally sat down for a bit but then Louie came up to Wally and put his wing around his back.

“Don’t feel bad Wally, you tried to help her and she didn’t listen. You are wise and you will think of something.”

Five days later, one more day – then, Christmas. Wally decided he’d talk to Gloria.

When he finally, got her to sit down he said to Gloria, “If you don’t give then you won’t get. Now promise me you will give from now on.”

“Presents and parties are fun I know but we need to give as well.”

“I promise,” said Gloria.

From now on Gloria gives and gets as well.


Asiya Year 3