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About the Author & Books

Angela Williams is a local Queensland published author who loves to write stories for young children.

She especially loves to write stories set in Australia. Angela has been writing children’s books for 11 years in various genres but is especially happy to release her new series Swamp Gum Tales which deals with issues such as Peer Pressure; Bullying; Stranger Danger; Telling the Truth; Keeping Your Word; Participation in Sport for fun (not just about winning); Following Rules.


Swamp Gum Tales Stories by Angela Williams Australian Children's Books

Angela Williams and her friends from Swamp Gum!

Each book is written in text that young children understand and the use of Australian animals as the characters helps to keep the issues, non-threatening, and delivered in a fun way.

Louie is not laughing by angela williams - Australian children's storybook authorLouie is NOT Laughing!
Louie Lyrebird starts at Swamp Gum Bush School but has a less than friendly welcome!

Wally the wise wombat helps not only Louie but also those who have been bullying Louie.


look out Percy by angie williams children's bookLook Out Percy!
The recent flood at Swamp Gum has brought some unknown characters into the neighbourhood. Percy Platypus has an encounter with one of the visitors which could end in trouble.

Wally the wise wombat steps in just in time and the Swamp Gum characters are reminded of the need to look out for each other.


DoItCassie COVERDo it Cassie!
Cassie Cassowary wants so much to belong. When the emus tell her she must do things she knows she shouldn’t go to join their club, Cassie finds wisdom and the courage to be different, from her friend Wally Wombat.

Join her as she finds out who her true friends are in Swamp Gum.


WrongWayWesley COVERCOMING SOON! Wrong Way Wesley!