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Kev Kookaburra and Louie Lyrebird

Posted on Jan 3, 2012 in Swamp Gum Artwork |

Kev Kookaburra and Louie Lyrebird

Kev Kookaburra and Louie Lyrebird are just two of the great characters in Angela Williams “Swamp Gum Tales”.

Kev Kookaburra loves to have a laugh. Fun, fun, fun! That’s what he likes the best. But there were times when just having fun didn’t go so well for Kev. (For more of Kev’s story you can read – ‘Louie isn’t Laughing’ and ‘The Birthday Surprise’ – stories on Bullying and Keeping your word.

Louie Lyrebird has just moved to Swamp Gum. It took him a while to feel part of the school family. It is sometimes tough being the new one at school. (Follow Louie’s story by reading Louie Isn’t Laughing’ – story about Bullying.